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Welcome to the ARDDA Animal Hospital. Opened in 1967, ARDDA is one of Rochester's most established full-service veterinary hospitals.

Here, your four-legged friend will find a kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff. And you will find a comfortable, convenient hospital and the peace of mind your special friend is in good hands.

Please stop by and visit our new facility and help yourself to a fresh cup of coffee. See for yourself that to us, quality pet care is a tradition.


Our hospital recommends the Avid microchip system. This system allows you to register your pet with you as his owner and us as the hospital where it was implanted. When combined with a universal scanner and the national pet location system, we can greatly increase returning your pet safely to your home.



Whether it's for a short week-end stay or a two week long well deserved vacation, let us take care of your pets while you are away from home. Your dog will enjoy our indoor elevated runs and spacious exercise area behind the hospital. And you cat will enjoy our sunny spacious room with windows.

Drop-Off Care


Life, work, and school keep us all pretty busy these days. That's why ARDDA is committed to helping you keep your pet healthy and your schedule running smoothly. We currently offer wellness visits, vaccine appointments and health problem exams for our clients on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Just fill out a simple questionnaire, leave a cell phone or work number so we can reach you during the day and let us do the rest. Call us today for more information or download the form on our website.


This is one of the newer procedures offered by the ARDDA Animal Hospital. The lab at Royal Canin can help identify early health problems as well as tell you if your adopted dog from Lollypop farm is really a boxer/lab mix. One simple blood sample is all that is needed. Ask us about these tests when your pet comes in for his or her first visit or annual wellness visit.


These surgeries encompass a wide range of procedures. From suturing a simple laceration to tumor removal with follow-up chemotherapy, our staff is well qualified to give your pet the care she needs. Most procedures can be performed with a short hospital stay, ensuring your friend is home for most of his recovery.


As a pet owner, sometimes we don't want to think that our special friends need surgery. At the ARDDA Animal Hospital, we will always recommend as many treatment options as possible. But when surgery is necessary, rest assured that your pet will be cared for with expert hands, a caring staff, proper pain management, and modern equipment to assure his or her comfort and recovery are easy.


We believe that all non-breeding dogs and cats will benefit from neutering early in life(six months of age). Not only is the procedure less involved, there are health benefits for later in life. These include decreased risks of breast and testicular cancer and elimination of uterine infections in females.


We provide a full range of services - from screening and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation - for conditions including hereditary joint disorders, cruciate ligament tears, patella luxation, fractures and arthritis. These surgeries encompass both fracture repair and joint surgeries. Injuries to the ligaments in the knee are one of the most common problems for active dogs. Surgical repair combined with follow-up physical therapy and joint supplements like glucosamines and condroitins can help return your pet to his regular active lifestyle.





An annual wellness exam is an important part of your pet's health care. Early detection of health problems can aid in treatment and help your pet to live a long and healthy life. A good working relationship with the same doctor throughout your pet's life is beneficial to you and to him. Our doctor will not only give your special friend a thorough exam, but will also discuss diet, vaccines, and any preventative health questions you might have.



Vaccinating against serious infectious diseases like Distemper, Parvo, Lyme's , or leukemia will help your pet stay healthy and happy. Current vaccines are much more effective and safer than ever before. Please talk to our staff so we can recommend the best vaccine program for your special four-legged friend.

A pet with a clean healthy mouth is not only more pleasant to kiss but actually lives a longer life. Our staff would be happy to discuss proper dental care options for your dog or cat. We can show you how to brush your pet's teeth and recommend several products from rinses to chews. Our technicians and doctor are very skilled at professional cleanings. Sometimes dental x-rays are taken to diagnose any current problems and help to prevent any future problems. Call us today to arrange a time to discuss your pet's oral health.








The ARDDA Animal Hospital was started in 1967 by Dr. Robert Jones. Dr. Jones named the practice with one letter from each of his five children. In 1970, the addition was added to the old address at the corner of Ridgeway and Mt. Read Blvd.

The ARDDA Animal Hospital was purchased by Dr. James Kutrybala in the fall of 1995. ARDDA has remained as a one doctor practice since then. In the spring of 2013, our practice moved to its new location at 91 Erie Canal Drive, in the heart of Greece's professional park. Our long standing commitment to quality, affordable pet care made this the ideal location.

Our new spacious home is not only more comfortable for pets but conveniently located next door to the Unity outpatient building on Ridgeway Avenue.




Doctor James Kutrybala

Dr. Kutrybala is a 1986 graduate of Cornell University. He moved to Rochester in 1991 and took over ownership of the ARDDA Animal Hospital in 1995. Dr. K's home life is pretty quiet, living in Greece with his 2 rescued cats "Mischief" and "Simba". Dr. K is an avid Buffalo Bills fan and he enjoys camping and gardening.




91 Erie Canal Dr. Suite E 

Rochester, NY 14615​

Tel:  585-647-9520


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Monday & Wednesday

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